• I was first introduced to Keller through “Sticks and Stones” which is a beautifully bitter heartbreak song that I have admittedly screamed a time or two.
And it looks like more music is finally on the way as he took to Instagram to announce his new song “Damn Good Friends,” which features Cleto Cordero of Flatland Cavalry, is dropping this Friday. Keller shared that his first exposure to Texas Country was actually through Flatland’s “Traveler’s Song” and fell in love with it for the story of heartbreak, love, and poetry all wrapped up in a catchy smooth melody. He later got to meet and became friends with Cleto and the Flatland crew. As you can imagine, the nerves are high when asking someone you admire to be apart of your music. But not only did Cleto say an enthusiastic yes, he shared it’s actually a full-circle moment in the Texas music scene. Back in the day Cleto had a similar conversation with experienced William Clark Green who ended up paying it forward to the new band Flatland Cavalry by singing on “Coyote (The Ballad of Roy Johnson)”. This goes one more “generation” as it turns out that Josh Abbott said yes to featuring on William Clark Green’s “Catch Me When I Fall” in 2011.