Luke Combs’ Impressive New ‘Fathers & Sons’ Project Tops The U.S. iTunes All-Genre Albums Chart

A quick climb to the top.

This past Friday, Luke Combs released his fifth studio album Fathers & Sons, which is about his journey thus far as a father of two young boys Tex and Beau, his perspective of his own dad and special times they’ve shared together, and how important the role of a father is to be and have, no matter what phase of life you’re in.

I’ve seen tons of posts from fans on social media talking about how impressed they are with this new project, and I have to agree… it’s extremely apparent on every song Luke included in this album that being a parent has certainly given him new inspiration and much more depth as a songwriter, and has only added to his life in so many positive and beautiful ways.

And it’s clear that music fans of all different genres are loving it as much as we country fans are too, because Fathers & Sons is currently sitting at the #1 spot on the iTunes all-genre albums chart.