Dillon Carmichael Spreads The Red, White & Blue By Offering To Hang Free American Flags In His Community

Proud of his nation’s colors.

In case you didn’t realize, today (June 14) is Flag Day, which commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States back in 1777.

And Dillon Carmichael is doing his best to keep the stars and stripes flying in his neighborhood.

Back in 2020, the nephew of John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery made the offer with a simple Facebook post after he moved into his own home and hung an American flag, then realized that there were many houses nearby that either didn’t have a flag or was flying one that needed replaced.

We caught up with Dillon ahead of his performance at Country Fest in North Lawrence, Ohio today to talk to him about what inspired him to spread the red, white and blue in his own neighborhood:

“I was standing outside the house one day and I was like, ‘You know what this house needs is a flag.’ So I go buy myself a flag and I hang it on my front porch and I’m just standing there admiring it because it’s stunningly beautiful…