Brent Cobb Delivers Scenic Performance Of “Down In The Gulley”

Who doesn’t love a good moonshining tune? Especially this one by the great Brent Cobb.

In tandem with the country music content outlet RadioWV, Cobb brings us a brand new acoustic performance of his classic “Down in the Gulley,” and it’s a must watch.

Originally released in 2016 on his album Shine On Rainy Day, “Down in the Gulley,” as explained by Cobb during an NPR Tiny Desk Concert session several years back, is a semi-true moonshining story inspired by his father and uncle who once had to run PVC pipes from a creek and build a pump house in an effort to provide water for their home when they were children.

Many years later, the pump house still stood, and after a tree service crew stumbled across it on his uncle’s property, the sheriff came looking for a moonshine still. That got Cobb to thinking, though, what if his family actually had been running moonshine?

An incredible track with imagery-filled lyricism that paints a picture nearly as clear as RadioWV’s scenic video, “Down in the Gulley” quickly became one of Cobb’s most popular songs and has remained so ever since. And for anyone who may not be familiar with RadioWV, the outlet does an incredible job of promoting the music of underrated and underrepresented artists throughout the Appalachian region and beyond whose lyrics deserve to be heard.