Meet The Castellows: Country Music’s Breakout Trio Sharing Their Love For Horses

Three sisters from Georgia are headed for massive success as a part of a neo-traditional country music trio, The Castellows. The group is made up of Ellie on lead guitar, Powell on the banjo, and Lily on lead vocals and bass.

Ellie and Powell (21) make up two-thirds of a set of triplets, while Lily, the baby of the group, is 18 months younger than her two older sisters. The close-knit siblings grew up on a farm in Georgetown, Georgia, where they were homeschooled, leaving plenty of time for spontaneous horseback rides, learning musical instruments, singing in their church choir, and plenty of sisterly bonding.

Pursuing a career in country music was never the plan for the sisters, who all started down different career paths at the University of Georgia, but as their following on social media took off, so did their music. In July 2023, The Castellows packed up and moved to Nashville, signing with Warner Music Nashville. In February, the trio released their first album, A Little Goes a Long Way, and the ultimate catalyst for their success today. This year, The Castellows will join country powerhouses Little Big Town and Sugarland on tour, performing original songs from their new chart-topping album.