Luke Combs Matches $100,000 Donation To Childhood Cancer Research After Meeting 12-Year-Old T-Cell Leukemia Survivor

Luke Combs created an unforgettable evening for a 12-year-old T-Cell Leukemia survivor during his recent show at University Park, PA’s Beaver Stadium.

The day of Combs’ April 27 show, the young girl named Jocelyn and her parents were approached by Samuel Weidenhofer, a video creator who has gone viral for his random acts of kindness. He informed the family that he was trying to get to a concert but had lost his wallet and asked if they had a few dollars to spare. Without a second thought, the young girl hands the stranger $10 with a proud smile on her face.

When Weidenhofer asked why she decided to give up her own money to help him, she said, “because I had Childhood Cancer and now I like to give back to people.”