Country Star Niko Moon Launches Happy Himalayan Premium Artesian Water on Earth Day

Chart-topping country artist Niko Moon is ready to help people get outside more and take their hydration to the next level by revealing on Earth Day 2024 that he is preparing to launch in the coming weeks his new Happy Himalayan Premium Artesian Water company.

The new water company will be a first of its kind in America infusing Artesian water from a 400ft deep aquifer source in the serene hills of Virginia at Virginia Artesian Bottling Co. with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt via America’s largest salt importer, SaltWorks, that will bring the earth’s finest natural electrolyte to everyone’s hydration experience; Pink Himalayan Salt contains 84 trace minerals, the most trace minerals of any natural salt in the world, which are vital to our bodies ability to absorb water.

Speaking to BevNet exclusively on the announcement, Moon says, “Unlike other bottled water options, Happy Himalayan combines a unique combination that is ideal for natural hydration. The bottle’s label is also designed to change colors from white to pink when exposed to the sun. This is to encourage us all to get outside and get more Vitamin D, another important element to physical and mental well being. The bottle has these features included because Happy Himalayan donates a percentage of all proceeds to the Happy Cowboy Foundation, a non-profit that raises awareness and funds so that those of us in need of help can get the therapy we seek.”

Pre-orders for the new water are available now on, with orders expected to ship by early June and be in participating retailers later this year. The water will come in a 16 oz aluminum bottle, with glass and plastic options and different sizes to follow shortly after.

“With everything I do in life, I want it to have a positive impact. With Happy Himalayan, I’m bringing bottled water to the world that they can truly be happy about!” concludes Moon.

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