Brent Cobb Plays Acoustic Version Of His Classic “Black Creek” Live From The Capitol Theatre in Macon, Georgia

But he’s right at home, both physically and musically, in central Georgia, where he grew up and still resides, and where the music of The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, and many more of his greatest influences originated. Drawing on the soulfulness of these southern musicians that came before him, and inspired by his own experiences in the region, Cobb has channeled such influences into his own unique brand of soulful, southern rock-country infused songwriting, and this was on full display throughout his 2023 record Southern Star.

One of the best albums released this past year, Southern Star features 10 cohesive tracks, full of southern imagery and clever lyricism, that consider a wide array of subject matter ranging from deep thoughts on mortality to backyard barbecues, and just about everything in between. It may be heavily inspired by the South, but its themes are relatable to listeners everywhere.

While there are plenty of legendary studios throughout the Southeast that Cobb could have used to record such an album, there are really only a few that truly sit atop southern music lore for their role in the production of the region’s greatest music, with names that automatically invoke a sense of nostalgia fueled by the southern music of yesteryear.

There is Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, there’s both F.A.M.E. Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in the Muscle Shoals, AL area, and then there is Capricorn Studios in Macon, GA.

Given Cobb’s history in Central Georgia, and the influences of those before him, it only made sense that he’d pick the latter, and head just up the road from Ellaville to Macon for the making of Southern Star. He even doubled-down on the importance of his home state in this record, and employed the efforts of Oran Thornton and a who’s who of other Georgia native musicians to contribute during the process.

All of that to say, the Macon, GA area has been a hotbed for southern music, and it remains so today, with Brent Cobb leading the charge. While Southern Star may have been more directly associated with Macon in several ways, Cobb’s whole catalog, in some way, shape, or form, draws on these inspirations. Even the earliest stuff, like his hit song “Black Creek,” of which Cobb recently released a video playing it acoustic from the audience seats of an empty Capitol Theatre in downtown Macon.

“Black Creek” was originally included on Brent Cobb’s debut album No Place Left To Leave in 2006, and it was re-released with the whole album again in 2020. Amassing over 50 million streams to date on Spotify alone, “Black Creek” has withstood the test of time, and has remained a constant in Cobb’s growing catalog for nearly two decades.